A new toolbox, engine, website and some silverware…

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…as late as ever, sorry


I see I’ve got a new web site, what do you reckon?


A fair bit to mention since last time – a fairish amount of motor bike racing, plenty of push-biking, more than my fair share of house painting, as much work as ever, and a new tool box. So I’ve been keeping out of mischief.


It was the Ulster GP last weekend, a week without any rain made a welcome change, ta very much as ever for all the support, and to all the lads for a top effort.


Before that I was doing a bit of endurance push biking with the lads from hope, ta very much to simon and the boys for the teeth gritting. It was a proper wet old lot, you wouldn’t have believed there was as much mud in the universe as there was at the mountain mayhem race, good do though, I was well ready for me bath.


What else?? I went and picked up my new tool box, that was an adventure! I’ll get some pics of her up.


My road trip to sweden was a success, oh and I’ve got another engine for my front room, can you see it parked next to one of the trucks? I’ve got a prize for any one who can tell me what wouldn’t fit in the picture? Only a keen eye will see it, I reckon I’ve got a pair of handle bar grips and a strong jar of horse radish for the winner, if you can guess I’ll be more than impressed. Ta to Chris and Neil at Kelltruck for the top job.


What else???????? Oh i hear danny has been keeping you informed with that twatting business – I hope he has kept it clean and kept the onions sweet????


What do you recon to some of the other pics??? A few things are taking shape don’t you reckon??


I reckon there could be a bit of a calandar job in the pipeline as well, none of that posing sameold same-old shit, it’ll be a calander I’d have in the garage and not the titted meat patch varity, I’ll get my finger out and keep you informed.