Proper Blog Update!

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  Reckon this the latest blog ever, sorry about the wait. I reckon there is a bit to cover since the last, brands hatch, ulster grand prix, cadwell park and the usual goings on.     Right – first things first, what do you reckon to my new ornament? Ta very much to Simon and Adelle for their fancy wood …

Hot rods and Hobnobs

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  Check out this pic of what turned up at work this morning. Now that’s proper, isn’t it? It’s 520bhp and does at standing quater at 155mph. More tea, vicar?   Ta very much for all the support at Scarborough. It was a mega turn-out and I did royally on the tea bags and biscuit front. See the pic of …

Bring back hanging

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  Well as my motto goes, first things first. At Oulton some light fingered little ****** nicked my ******* push bike. I don’t own much in this life: a toolbox, a 1972 saab and four pushbikes. So when some **** goes and nicks something that I’ve worked ******* hard for it makes my blood boil. So I got stuck in, told the coppers, told the security and went on the …

Brands, speed of light, New Aston…

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  Well, I’ve just been out on my bike after work and now I’m finished at the truckyard and ready to head off down to Brands Hatch for a five day stint. I can’t wait to get a rip out down there on my CBR600. It’ll be mint, but five days around a 48second track might send me a bit …

Two new bikes

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  Morning all, how’s it going?   Sorry I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front, I’ve been beavering away at work and getting a few miles in on the old push bike. I was up at Dolby Forest last Sunday morn. I even managed to drag the farmer’s daughter out of her bed at half five in the …

Land of Hope and glory

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Not a big lot to report on the motorbike front at the mo. I told you about me getting the lads all lined up for the TT. The lads have just got to arrange a bit of time off work and we’ll be sorted. So all their is to tell is that I’ve been fairly busy at work in the truck yard, nowt too …

TT 2009 plans

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  Now then folks, I reckon I’ve more or less got my TT team lined up. There has been a lot of time gone into this, because this is what’s going to be the key to sucess at the TT next year. I’ll let you know who Ive got sorted out, to help on the spannering and preparation, in a week …

Scarborough Downhill Race

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You couldn’t make it up. A downhill mountain bike course set up to go from the top of Scarborough Castle to finish on the Prom. The course included about 400 steps, a 25ft table top, jumping off a 40ft flat bed trailer, finished off by a drop off to put you right on Scarborough seafront. My mate’s Dobby, Mave and the …

Silverstone nightmare, but McG upside

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What a shitter. Two DNFs at Silvestone due to a misfire, caused by we don’t know what. Maybe a loose giggle pin or something. It doesn’t mater though. I’ve done a deal with John McGuinness, he got a set of my leathers and I got a set of his. How cool is that? John McGuinness’s leathers that he used at …

Ulster, Big Rich, free tea and pink pedals

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  Not much I can say about the Ulster GP other than wet ,wet,wet. I’ve never seen as much water in my life. It wasn’t just the track that was drowned, the whole of bloody Belfast was nearly under water. Oh well, it wasn’t a wasted week. Thanks to my website Big Rich and Darren got hold of me to …

Cycling and stationary engines

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Evening all, just got in from a mint push bike ride. I reckon I’ve done a good 50 miles this week on my trusty old Whyte 46. There is nowt like a good old ride out get away from it all. A massive thanks to you all for leaving me all your messages. It’s mint to see the amount of support …

Goodwood Festival of Speed

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Photos: Dave Dew, Guy and Kate What a mega do,you couldn’t make it up. I got to ride up the hill both days,got fed and watered like a king, met Mick Doohan and even went to a fancy ball.      

My Saab hot rod

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Photo: Andy Graves The Key Ring says Pussy Wagon. I got it from Extreme Arts and Gadgets, my mates in the Isle of Man. It’s from the film, Kill Bill.

More RC45 photos

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All from my mate Andy Graves who was at the PB 90s Track evening at Cadwell the other week. Big thanks to the fellas who leant me their bikes (there were two Honda Britain RC45 y’see). Mega blokes. PB are having a full 90s trackday on Sept 16. £99. See the latest mag for details.

RC45 at PB trackday

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Photo: I’m as sore as you like, but it doesn’t matter, because I’ve just got back from riding a proper ex-works RC45. This wasn’t a made up thing from a road bike but the proper race bike that Rutter and Simpson raced at the TT. It can’t have weighed anymore than 150kg (my 08 blade Superbike is 180kg). The RC45 …