Who is Guy Martin?

How’s it going? I don’t like sitting on my arse, unless I'm driving. I get up at 5am and like to get out on my bike before work. When I'm pedalling, I think ‘I'm so lucky to be able to be out doing this.’ I'm addicted to work, I don’t like routine but I like things to be a certain way, if that makes sense. I like doing things my way, the right way. I've had my eyes opened for the last ten years or more and I'm still learning. I’m always looking for a new challenge but sometimes the challenges seem to find me. Keep at it, ta, Guy."

Lives in Lincolnshire, spent sometime in Ireland working and racing but never lived more than 10 miles from where he grew up.

Lorry mechanic, apprenticeship with Volvo when he was 16.

Worked for various commercial vehicle companies, including his Dad’s business in Lincolnshire.

Still works as a lorry mechanic, servicing and MOT work for a haulage company.

Guy started road racing on motorbikes in 2003, he still races in Classic and odd ball events. In 2010 someone suggested he could do more than talk about motorbikes and he started doing some TV jobs. It's the opportunities Guy enjoys, the variation and meeting interesting folk and a few records along the way. No scripts, no bull shit, just get on with it!



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Fastest speed on a gravity powered snow sled.

Grandvalira, Andorra
10th January, 2014

0.368 km/h
0.49 mph

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Fastest Speed
in a Soapbox

Mont Ventoux, France
16th October, 2014

0.78 km/h
0.61 mph

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Highest speed
on a Wall of Death

Mancy Airfield, UK
28th March, 2016

0.77 km/h
0.15 mph

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Loch Ken, UK
8th October, 2014

0.04 km/h
0.21 mph

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Commercial Vehicle

Nurburgring, Germany
October, 2018

0.28 mins

Other records

British motor pacing record – Pendine Sands - On a pushbike
112.94 mph (181.76 km/h)

World Human Powered Vehicle Association Guinness 24 hour land record – Men’s 24 Hour standing start - Goodwood
Multiple Rider: 565 miles

Film & Television

2010 Closer to the Edge.


First series 2010 The Boat that Guy Built

Followed by:
2012 How Britain Worked
2013 Speed with Guy Martin
2014 Guy Martin’s Spitfire
2014 Guy Martin’s Passion for Life
2015 Guy Martin: Last Flight of the Vulcan Bomber
2015 Our Guy in Latvia
2015 Our Guy in India
2016 Our Guy in China
2016 Guy Martin’s Wall of Death Live
2017 Guy Martin vs. the Robot Car
2017 WW1 Tank
2018 Building Britain
2018 F1 Specials
2018 Our Guy in Russia
2018 Guy Martin: The World’s Fastest Van?


TT 2003 - 2017. 17 Podiums, Suzuki, Honda, BMW, Mugen, Triumph
Ulster GP - 11 wins
Armoy - 2 Wins
Cookstown - 5 wins
Le Mans 24 hour - 2nd place.
Pikes Peak class winner 2013
2016 - Present. Landspeed record with Triumph, aiming for 400 mph on two wheels. Fastest speed ever on a Triumph achieved - 274.2 mph
Tour Divide ; 2016, time: 18 days, 6 hours and 23 minutes

Books: Over 1 million sold!

2014 My Autobiography (Sunday Times best seller)
2015 When You Dead You Dead (Sunday Times best seller)
2016 Worms to Catch (Sunday Times best seller)
2018 We need to weaken the Mixture (Sunday Times best seller list)


Tens of thousands of pounds raised for Spinal Research through merchandise sales.


Too many to mention, not enough to stop him.

Other interests

John Deere Tractors