A word from Guy

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“So a lot of folk have been talking asking about racing and what I’m doing. “I went into the year right excited about the new Honda. I thought it would be great straight away and so did the team. I soon realised that it needed a lot of developing and it will be great but it needs time and I’ve …

Another update from Guy

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Alreet, recon it must be a year or two since i last did one of these. I’m still doing the doing the reverse Charles Darwin thing if you get my jist?. anything new with you? right ,i thought I’d send the lot who do the web site a load of new pics, i don’t get a look at the Internet …

July 2013 update

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now then,   whats the latest your end? weathers making a change. right is that the small talk out of the way?   a fair bit to mention, most of these pics are a bit old but thought it’d be somets to put up here. some pics of jack frost new colour scheme on his top speed bike, nice brake …

Guy Martin’s 2013 Calendar

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A year through Guy’s eyes. The long awaited Guy Martin’s 2013 Calendar is available now for immediate despatch. Designed by Guy and each image created exclusively for this product. Don’t expect pin-up shots – Its not a Guy Martin calendar, its Guy Martin’s Calendar. See below for full details and click here to order your calendar now.  

Almost the end of February – time for an update!

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  Keep it short and sweet, what to mention since last time…..A few of you hurt Chip Butty’s feelings on the last blog.  My mum always said if you haven’t got owt nice to say about anyone, don’t say it at all. But, every cloud’s got a silver lining, he’s up for weight watcher of the month for March, there’ll …

A long overdue blog

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  Right, i reckon this must be the first time I’ve switched a computer on in the thick end of 3 months. How many days is the thick end of 3 months? Not quite as long as a month of Sundays. That’s 109 days according to the legend that is Nigel Kenny.

Glemseck 101

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  Right. what do you reckon to these pics?   I went on a road trip with the Red Torpedo boss a week or two ago, I know it’s a bold statement but I’d reckon it was the coolest show I’ve ever been to. It was called the Glemseck 101 in Stuttgart, Germany.   What about that number plate look? …

A fair bit to mention…

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  A fair bit to mention since the last blog I reckon. The southern 100 race was where it all started, as always, the best meeting of the year, the weather was kind to us. I managed to get a win, but only the one, really enjoyed it though but it was a bit of a rushing match from then …

July Update

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  The TT, eh? I suppose I can’t complain about it, eh? I won the stationary show which was the main objective for the two weeks. Talking of stationary engines, as much as I love my early 1990s stuff, you’re only playing at it until you own a Rolls Royce Merlin 26 litre V12 engine. So, I’m knuckling down with …

50 years since the first man in space – by ‘eck!

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Reet – loads been happening of late – including the 50th anniversary of the first man in space, eh? Now there’s a thing.   During the 1960s there was a bit of a dick measuring exercise going on between the Russians and the Americans. Fair enough – the Russians knew they couldn’t beat the Americans in the arms race – …

March 15th Update

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Now then, plenty’s been going on – what with the Cartagena testing and all that. It’s all looking good. We did a serious amount of laps – mainly on the superbike and superstock machines. My supersport bike isn’t quite ready but I rode Alistair Seeley’s just to get an idea of what it’s like. They’re all as trick as you …

Every Picture Tells a Story

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  Now then, I though this picture says a thousand words, what do you reckon they could be? Best words gets a few of my most watched DVD’s and some other random stuff.   Don’t be shy.   Sorry about half my breakfast being on my chops, it was taken on tea break at work, Paddy said it’d be a …

The highs and the lows of 2010? By eck – where do i start?

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Before I start, I best say Happy Christmas to you all, and thanks for the support as always. I’m not much of a Christmas person really, so me and the northern representative have got a road trip planned, I’ll get some pics taken – I’m sure there’ll be some goings on going on, does that make sense?