July 2013 update

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July 18th, 2013


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now then,


whats the latest your end? weathers making a change. right is that the small talk out of the way?


a fair bit to mention, most of these pics are a bit old but thought it’d be somets to put up here. some pics of jack frost new colour scheme on his top speed bike, nice brake line routing don’t you think? there is a few pics of my martec engine, shes taking shape, nearly on the home straight with her. there is a pic of my dad, tim allan, forbes and francis from this years first 24 hr race, my first go at a solo attempt, it’ll come.


oh and a pic of my bike from last weeks s100 race in the isle of man, thanks a million for all the support as usual, cracking event. other than work, eveything else is coming on a treat. the filming job is coming on a treat, i’d recon where nearly finished, so it should be going out early next year with a bit of luck. i recon harvest is going to be a bit late dont you recon? is there any colour in the wheet out your way yet?


oh, me and benny went over to itlay to see a man about a dog and ended up at Rossis place , you couldn’t make it up, trick few days though. I’ll send some pics.


oh and we’ve got a few ideas for next years calander, it not a motor cycle honey its a martec, dry clutch on show, then maybe a picture out of the 70’s film duel with a bit of a twist???????????? bring out the gimp.

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  1. steven murray says:

    Good reading your blog, and finding an update on the Martec build GM. So you’re heading for a dry-clutch mod to her eh? Proper. Hope to hear more about it as the builds gathers closer to the finish line. We don’t need any honey calendars GM … just take pics of your Martec and that’ll be honey enuff. Do get on now and make her complete.. but I guess when tinkering begins, it never ends, so nothing ever becomes totally complete now does it. Tea time – cheers mate.

  2. Sarah Perry says:

    Well I`m out York way and the barley is definately turning, surely a better harvest than last year

  3. Will you post the broadcast dates as soon as you know :)

  4. Gaz says:

    Ey up Guy ….I heard a rumour that your bought an old 2 stroke Yamaha RD400 a couple of years ago . Is it true ?

  5. Andrew Baker says:

    Cheers from Canada,

    just finished TT3D. Brilliant. Excited to see the video from Rossi’s Ranch. My two favourite riders/athletes in one video!

    It’s a joy watching you ride, so few people today have passion for their pursuits.

    See you at Isle of Man 2014. Win the whole bloody thing.

    A Canadian fan,

  6. Matias says:

    Hey Guy !
    Really cool stuff ! Thanks for sharing it.
    Take care

  7. kevin potts says:

    I like the photo of the john deer motorcycle Guy have you got any photos of it from the exhaust side thanks

  8. Richard East says:

    waiting for a video of you ans Rossi on the track lots of photos around .love ur blog good reading keep em coming mate, and if u ever come to Australia looking for a dog i have a spare room u can stay in hahahah

  9. MoL says:

    I have a suggestion for your calender…now just hear me out. Get naked. You can keep it classy with strategically placed items but come on..COME ON! The ladies are straight begging for a gander yo! ;p

  10. Dawn kensington says:

    Hay Guy…. we are waiting on your response for the NZ trip..to Cemetery Circuit… Suzuki Wanganui are waiting on your reply…they have 2 bikes for you.. Cheers,,,Dawn and Dean.

  11. Carole Jones says:

    I think you should sign my left boob so it will match the right one you signed at jabberwocky shop i.o.m thursday during tt week ๐Ÿ˜‰ xx

  12. Chris says:

    LAD!! ๐Ÿ˜€

    Any chance of some cheeky freebies for us hardworking, tea drinking, army truck mechanics over here in Afghan Guy??

    Cheers dude!! Keep up the good work and I hope our support keeps you flying!!


  13. Colin Tiller says:

    nice pics, what is that motor in the john deere bike? it even looks like a tractor engine!!

  14. Paul Curren says:

    By eck, you have been busy. All that racing about and is that really you playing Wolverine in that there film?

  15. Enjoyed the brief update. Congrats on the S100 victory and new record, Guy. Sending best wishes from the U.S., where you have an army of fans. All the best.

  16. auntie dee says:

    ladies no chance of a saucy calendar
    take it from one who’s wiped his butt baby Guy would not consent to such a publicity stunt he’s a good boy
    when are you and Mavis going to remove the boat from my garden the postman is now having trouble delivering the mail
    lv Auntie Dee xx

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