Guy Martin’s 2013 Calendar

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October 9th, 2012

A year through Guy’s eyes. The long awaited Guy Martin’s 2013 Calendar is available now for immediate despatch. Designed by Guy and each image created exclusively for this product. Don’t expect pin-up shots – Its not a Guy Martin calendar, its Guy Martin’s Calendar. See below for full details and
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9 Responses to “Guy Martin’s 2013 Calendar”

  1. Sally Simkins says:

    Everything Guy turns his hand/mind to is a pleasure to watch/follow, I can’t wait to get my calendar :-) keep up the hard work Guy x

  2. Kathy Stanier says:

    I have tried to buy a Calander but the link on the website does not work. Can you have a look and get it working. Thanks I really want a Calander x

  3. auntie dee says:

    husband tells me Guy’s made a calendar holding his tools ,rushed to log to guy’s website expecting a calender for the ladies
    NO,No , this cannot be tis true with his snapbox and spanners best wishes

  4. Glen Sweeno#11 says:

    Guy is a ledgend in our house, got the TT3D canvas above the fire, he’s on the fridge and on cups for brews and always on the TV, got his slogan on me kwaker plate and me visor, Go Big or Go Home!! he is absolutly the ”MUTS THE NUTS”. Keep it up Guy Skull and spanners all the way Chief.

  5. Big Bazzer says:

    Hi Guy think the boat programme was fantastic,Im wondering if your thinkin of doin a train programme
    i would love to help you, give me a buzz

  6. Andrew Clough says:

    Got the calender, waiting for 2013! Watched the 1st episode on sky+, blooming marvelous!! Guy, you are a LEGEND, keep up the good work!

  7. Lynton says:


    Trying to buy a calendar for my wife for xmas – though cannot find a link to it that works… help!

  8. Chris says:

    What a great race was awsome getting the chance to cheer ya on. Hope the highlands didn’t disapoint.

  9. Giovanna Franco says:

    I want the calendar, but I live in Honduras :( my best wishes and God take care of you in the TT you are the best!!!!

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