Glemseck 101

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September 29th, 2011


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Right. what do you reckon to these pics?


I went on a road trip with the Red Torpedo boss a week or two ago, I know it’s a bold statement but I’d reckon it was the coolest show I’ve ever been to. It was called the Glemseck 101 in Stuttgart, Germany.


What about that number plate look? On it like jam on toast eh? It was from there to a bit of moped racing in Scotland, top job, ta to bruce for letting me ride his steed.


Was gutted i couldnt race at scarborough. I had a bit of blood bother, went for an oil-change, not a lot of success though. I’m putting it down to a bad earth or something – what do you recon? I was told “measure twice cut once”. Now I’m not sure.

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  1. Tanya says:

    Love the pics, looking forward to seeing Guy at Rollerburn in November!! x

  2. Gill Gardiner says:

    have u been round the Nurburgring? I was across couple of years ago – scary stuff! Hoping to come over to my 1st TT 2012 to watch u compete there – I am in Scotland – please let me know if you have any plans to race here soon. PS my mates saw you in Shardlow, Derbyshire (used to live there also) when you were filming the long boat series.
    All the best

  3. L NIlssen says:

    Love how you simplify things “blood bother” and “oil change”!! Try changing your filter and if that doesn’t work its the knackers yard mate!

  4. Dil R1 says:

    Not too long ago I thought about having a rat rod 2cv. Idealy i’d like another pop or tina but they are too pricy. When I was younger and mum and dad had money troubles Dad bought a 2cv as a run around. When you are 13 years old this is social suicide and it was… I hated it. Now 17 years on I would actually own one… painted matt black.

  5. Mag says:

    Nice pictures! Although… i’m not quite sure what is going on with that number plate? Has someone been trying to shoot it or something?
    Glad you had a good time in Germany.
    Hope you are better now, Guy!

    Peace out! x

  6. maggo says:

    We missed you at Ollies big time but I dont think Farkie did.
    I reckon the Dunlop lads just came for a piss up wernt bothered at all.Im afraid youve lost me with the latest post Im better off talking to Steph.she talks joined up like on the iomtt site. Anyway I hope the blood infection has cleared up now and all is proper again dont suppose your napper will ever be quite right so keep her lit for the roads next year.

  7. emma says:

    I hope guy is fighting fit again soon, he doesnt seem his usual chirpy self in his latest blog, keep drinking plenty of tea guy, its suppose to be a good medicine, take care xx:-)

  8. Bob says:

    Whats up wi Scania ? new un keeps blowin turbo pipe off, and thers none in country, all scania have done is put a load of jubile clips round it , looks prety ameritish to me for a new wagon !

  9. Keith says:

    Not sure what you got the ED PTO cover off a DC16 V8 for, are you struggling with timming !!!

  10. you may have been gutted not to race at olivers mount guy but you still showed up in support. i spoke to you in the paddocks and you kindly posed for a pic with my two lads. for them you made their weekend very, VERY special. thanks and good luck with everything that you do.

  11. louise collingham says:

    I see Guy will be at Silverstone on 22nd October. he’ll probably have somwhere to stay and be in undated with offers, but if he and steph need a (very)quiet private place to stay, we live 9 miles away – even my 10 year old can cycle there from our village. comfy bed, ensuite, not bad food, the only draw back is its with a mad family of four , three rabbits and an insane but not yappy jack russell! genuine offer!

  12. Jo Carpenter says:

    Guy, my husband, David , wants so bad to race at the TT . Hasn’t got a bike. Had to sell his R1 (mint condition) due to financial restraints. I am saving like mad now for his 50th birthday in 2013, to afford a bike and holiday on isle of man . His main achievement in life! If you are there would you consider a ride out with him? He’s barking mad and lives for bikes, and was so upset about the terrible passing of marco simonchelli at the weekend.

  13. Andrew says:

    Hey there Guy went to see the TT film here in Australia with some friends last night . Everyone thought it was tops , pretty funny too . Real sad about Simocelli hope Rossi can recover , from the shock of it all ,looking forward to your next blog .

  14. dooby says:

    hey bikes in house no no NO i saw something guy would have liked at the weekend at santa pod id heard of the five second bike but thought it was inpossible well its not i was wrong its rocket fueled it had two attempts at the quater mile strip first attempt it reached 230mph second attempt 281mph i was totally amazed by this bike. i had to go see it totaly odd looking machien but amazing. so when the hubby asked did it make the earth move for you i couldnt help grin and say yep

  15. andy says:

    ey up lad , guy fawks he were a boy wernt he . would we still have bonfires if he had blown the bloody lot of em up .

  16. Paul Callister says:

    Mate, reading about your symptoms in the November “Performance Bike” magazine reminded me of my 24 year old son who, at the beginning of November, complained of severe diahorrea that lasted 5 days. Just when the flow stopped, his hip joint seized to such an extent that he couldn’t get out of bed and had to text his mum in the next room for help. 3 weeks later it was diagnosed as an arthritis attack caused by salmonella poisoning. During the third week, his ankle swelled up and now two months later, he still has good days and bad days. The Drs have said it will settle down and go away but have given no time frame to be clear. An ankle brace for support and painkillers have provided the only relief but it is severely limited his ability to work as a barman. He has a very similar physique to you and it a fit young man. We would be interested in hearing about your progress. Kind regards, Paul Callister – New Zealand Fan.

  17. gixer paul says:

    ok boss, hows tricks. i just got me very own 2 disc special edition tt3d on dvd :) cracking stuff boss, cant wait to get crimbo out the way and looking forward to 2012 nw200, IOM tt and obviously Scaborough gold cup,
    Merry Crimbo Guy, catch you on the flipside 😉

  18. jay says:

    just wanted to say that you rock our world, a true hero of the bike world, threshing time keepers and still keeping it real. happy new year big nuts.
    coming across to tt next year to watch ya go hard again,

  19. louise collingham says:

    Happy new Year Guy and family. I’m not a gambling person, but like a good omen or two – we went to the Races at Towcester on boxing day, and i bet on the horses that had links to guy – ie his racing numbers and a horse called Guydus. Guydus came third, and on the last race the horse and rider wearing number 8 won. So my money is on Guy winning at least one race this season on his number 8 bike!. Good luck and have a happy healthy and succesful 2012!xx

  20. Sizzler says:

    ey up Guy , hope all well, look forward to hearing kore from you this year….lets get that mountain beat… see you at the bungalow guy…..sukkin rabbits of course !!! sizz

  21. Lee says:

    Over Christmas I watch TT3D. I used to be a bit bike mad until I crashed it and made me look at things in a different way. But I knew about the TT but until watching that I just didn’t know how scary it is. Just to say I think what you do is amazing and I will keep an eye out in the future to see how you get on because after watching that DVD you got another fan.
    God Bless

  22. Thunders says:

    I’ve seen the film and there’s no words ti express how much I enjoyed thanks for being increasing TT history!

  23. danny says:

    hi guy seen you at manchester show you signed my photo top man hope you are fit and well good luck for 2012 thanks chief

  24. DANIEL says:

    Ey up Boss just wondering if you are doing Mountain Mayhem this year Feel free to drop in for a brew if your there. Look for a bright green Marin. part of the Total Fools team. Good luck at North West and TT. Daniel

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