End to End, Coast to Coast and Scarborough

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October 21st, 2010


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Tut tut tut, I know it’s late but I’ve been a busy boy, sorry.


Well I reckon there’s a fair bit to cover since my last post – end to end mountain bike race, Scarborough gold cup, coast to coast bike race and the usual goings on.


Me, Dan and Aiden went over to the end to end mountain bike race in the Isle of Man, we was kindly put up, fed and watered by Tom and his misses and had a right good race. I beat last years place but only just. Thanks a million for all the support, sorry about some of the strange faces I was pulling, I was in pain – a bit more training is needed I reckon and loosing a few more pounds wouldn’t hurt would it?


Oh aye, the tranny blew up two days before the end to end as well, so that meant a few late ones to sort her out, bugger.


The scarborough gold cup, hmm , I’ve won it for the last few years, but it wasnt meant to be this year was it? Thanks again for all the support, mega as usual, but sorry about the results, I had a bit of bother getting the bikes to work right, we had a bit of trouble with stupid stuff and left Scarborough like a bear with a sore head.


So from then on I’ve been away doing a job for the BBC – it’s a change of scenery to the truck job but its not real work is it? I’m learning a lot, only another few weeks left to do, then back to a bit of normality.


A change to the norm is a bit of camping. I reckon it’s the future, tried it in the lake district the other week, I could be huck’d.


This sunday just gone, Aiden, Mark and me did the coast to coast in a day. Workington to Newcastle on push bikes, that has put manors in me, I’ll tell you a bit more detail on all subjects when i get a bit more time.


Keep her steady.





8 Responses to “End to End, Coast to Coast and Scarborough”

  1. Veronika says:

    Hope to see ya next year in Horice – Czech Republic Guy….you have a lot of fans here!

  2. Sue says:

    Glad to hear you’re havin fun………a change is as good as a rest….so they say!!! Lookin forward to the TV – when it on? What are your plans fot the road racin next year? Races / team….?
    Hope the back not givin u jip anymore!!!xx

  3. Carole says:

    What a busy, busy boy you are! :-)

    Glad to see you are having fun – that’s what it’s all about!

    GO BIG Guy, and am looking forward to seeing the tele programme. Hope it’s gone well for you.

    Love Carole xx (pizza & hobnob lass!)

    PS Only 220 days to go…… !!

  4. Manda says:

    Was cheering you on at Scarborough, gutted for you, but chin up there is always next year!

    Hope you enjoyed the Hendersons relish.

    Manda x

  5. steve bridges says:

    guy are you going to macau this year to race and buy the way mate if you up for the camping get a bigger tent nothing worse than having to crawl out of you tent in the morning i can tell yer after 2 weeks of tt it gets a bit of a pain all the best mate

  6. Dean says:

    Coast to Coast in one day. Takes some doin that mate. Well done. Any chance you can give updates of any mountain bike events you do as being a keen mountainbiker and fololower of motorsports it’d be good to hear. Keep up the hard work and enjoy.

  7. julian says:

    Good to see new job at Tas.Hope the reliability has improved on TT bikes and 600 machine will be up to scratch
    P.S.you and simon buckmaster kissed and made up yet

    Best of luck with new season and please try tostop throwing yourself off the nearest barrges

  8. Hazel Arscott says:

    I enjoy watching you race, i wish you were more on the racing circuits, you are just like my husband always got a cup of tea in his hand, he is a northerner as well, its you and mmy husband which has inspired me to take my bike test, i passed my bike test october this year, i think you are amazing would it be possible to have your autograph, all the best for next season Hazel

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