The highs and the lows of 2010? By eck – where do i start?

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Before I start, I best say Happy Christmas to you all, and thanks for the support as always. I’m not much of a Christmas person really, so me and the northern representative have got a road trip planned, I’ll get some pics taken – I’m sure there’ll be some goings on going on, does that make sense?


It’s all been a bit of a miss and match year hasn’t it? I’d best start with the highs, what do you reckon? On the racing front there isn’t much to mention really, a big thanks to Wilson Craig for all the effort and to the boys;  Johnny, Danny and Cammy for making it all happen. But we didnt have a lot of sucess – a good laugh as always but with anything in life you have to take the rough with the smooth.


So – best bits, ta to Paddy for bringing Blaster Bates to my attention, what a boy! If you’ve not heard him before, your missing out – not stand up comedy, more story telling. A true legend.  Thanks to Mave for getting me into a band called the guano apes, proper. Dont know if you could class this as a high, but being involved in the making of a film and the making of a BBC program, we’ll see what it looks like on telly before I make a final decision. Really enjoyed doing it though, time will tell eh?


My turbo bike is a weapon and could tell a few stories, still not finished, but just wait. Getting a job with TAS Suzuki for 2011, I need to do some winning don’t I?


Middle ground, hmm I’m at a  bit of a strange situation at the mo, good though, but like I’ve said before, new team, new teeth, new place to live,new girlfriend, new van, new job, new outlook on life. I know its a bit deep for a Monday but it’ll make for good story telling in ten years time, listening to Blaster Bates has given me an idea of trying a bit of stand up story-telling. That’s another thing to add to the list of jobs to do.


Lows of 2010, hmm, where do i start? I always say – what hurts you makes you stronger, so I should be bloody strong after this year. Breaking jaw, ribs and back and knocking teeth out is somewhere to start. Not being able to do a mountain-bike race in Austria after breaking my back. Losing my job down the truck yard, and a lack of motor bike racing results, reckon that could be about it, what do you reckon?


I don’t reckon you’d appreciate the good bits of life if you didnt get it tough now and again. So with a new motorbike team, a new job, and a few additions on the jobs to do list, job’s looking peachy.