Scarborough Downhill Race

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You couldn’t make it up. A downhill mountain bike course set up to go from the top of Scarborough Castle to finish on the Prom. The course included about 400 steps, a 25ft table top, jumping off a 40ft flat bed trailer, finished off by a drop off to put you right on Scarborough seafront.

My mate’s Dobby, Mave and the farmer’s daughter and me made the trip up on Saturday morn to make the first practice runs. The weather wasn’t looking too clever, but with plenty of time in between practice and qualifying runs we managed to get thawed out in the many tea shops lining the seafront.

From the word go it was carnage. I reckon by the time they called it off at about 10pm, there had been six ambulances full of broken legs, wrists, noses, knees, collarbones and ankles.

It made the Isle of Man TT look like a nice, gay day out. As the weather got worse, and as we where riding under floodlights, they had to knock it on the head. It was a mega event to be involved in. It’s just a shame I didn’t get my race run in. I reckon I was in with a good shot as I’d got most of my crashing done in my qualifying run. I went over the bars and into a wall, but I still made the time and qualifying doesn’t make any difference in down hill as it’s not a mass start.

Oh well, I’ll have to save it for my next race, not sure where yet.

Here are some pics that the farmer’s daughter took. David Bailey’s job’s safe anyway.