Right, a bit of news then…

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New week, new teeth, new motor bikes. If we’re going to have a spoon, we’d best have a full one hadn’t we? So my new motor bike racing job is with TAS Suzuki.


This small matter of  winning a TT is taking a bit longer than expected. I’ve just about had enough of being the nearly lad, so the trump card has had to come out. The TAS boys have won more TT’s than you can shake a stick at. So if  it means me selling out a little and doing a bit of PR stuff, I dont care! It means I will be on the right tackle for the job in hand, so I’ll be on the pigs back. Is that an Irish saying?


I got a pressie the other week in shape of a 1995 PB mag where they test the britton. By eck, that didn’t half get the gears turning.


I’ve now got a mouth full of teeth thanks to Andy the dentist. I’m sporting a proper set of false teeth till I get some jaw bone grown back so they can screw some real teeth in it. A few more months of eating pasta and soggy bran flakes me thinks. I go to sleep dreaming about eating skin heads on a raft, is this right?


TAS Suzuki eh, you couldnt make it up could you?