Guy’s TT conclusion

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Now then all, Isle of Man 09, eh? Not too bad, but could have been better is the verdict. Ok, three podiums is more than anyone else got but I’d still like more, and the number 1 spot. But I’m back in one peice so it could have been worse, couldnt it?


Straight off the ferry on Saturday morn I thought ‘Where to now? Farm, mow grass, chilll out or work on trucks? I know I’ll work on trucks.’ So straight down to the wagon yard but my dad works like a good un and had got everything finished, so that was it. I ended up in the Polish truck drivers caravan with Chris the transport manager drinking the homemade vodka and eating Polish sausage. Not a mention of motorbikes just plenty of sluring, piss taking and garlic dip. Next thing I knew it was Sunday morn and I got on with mowing the grass.


So the conclusion to the 2009 TT is, woking with my mates worked, they all worked faultlessly, good laugh, the problem we had was not our fault,  working outside of the pits is the future and most importantly, milk allways in first. Thanks a million for the mega support over there, sorry if i was a bit busy to talk to folk, it’s just I stuck to my “first things first” motto. Thanks a million.