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Well it’s nearly all over for the bike racing for another year. It was The Classic Race of the Year last weekend at Cadwell. I’ve got a few short circuit races in Australia end of the month and that’s me. I had a good do at the race of the year. I didn’t win owt but I enjoyed it, so ta to John Sims and his daughter Sam for letting me ride the bike. I’m just sorry I didn’t win. I got beaten by Lee Gorley. Fair play though, he was on it, on it like jam on toast. You don’t get more on it than that, do ya?


Right, more pressing matters. With it being the Classic Bike race last weekend, I went in me old Saab 96 – classic race, classic car. She’s 1972, so tax exempt, she’s tidy and runs a treat. Driving it there got me thinking that when I bought it 7 years ago, it was just to get me by until I got hold of a 1965-70 Volvo Amazon. So anyone who wants to do a swap or buy my saab so i can afford an Amazon, get in touch. Money struggles to buy the class of the Saab, leopard skin interior, flames, V4 ford, dixie horn, Connect Four in the back. I might even chuck in a Stetson hat. That’s if the deal is right. Oh and you’d not have to take offence when I paint the Volvo mat black with replica saab flames. Oh and I’m only the second owner of the Saab and she’s only done just over 100,000 miles.