Guy Martin with a puppy wearing a Bobble Hat

Bobble Time

Web Monkey Bobble Hats, Gear, Guy Martin, Official Guy Martin Proper (R)

Plenty of people have told us that Guy’s original Head Gasket Bobbles were selling second hand for upto £120 on ebay! That’s a lot of money to keep your head warm. Everything we sell in Guy’s shop is limited run, so if you fancy paying Proper prices then be quick and get to the official shop! All new bobbles coming …

Official Spannerskull Tea Coasters – available now at the TT

Web Monkey Coasters, Official Guy Martin Proper (R)

Limited Edition run of 200, British engineered aluminium tea coasters … based on Guy’s Skull and Spanners logo. Designed and 3D Modeled on CAD/CAM software by Prodrive Motorsport Ltd Precision water jet cut 5083 Aluminium Alloy plate Anodised – choose from either clear or green CNC machine details created on a 3 axis vertical machining centre CNC laser etch ‘Guy …