50 years since the first man in space – by ‘eck!

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Reet – loads been happening of late – including the 50th anniversary of the first man in space, eh? Now there’s a thing.


During the 1960s there was a bit of a dick measuring exercise going on between the Russians and the Americans. Fair enough – the Russians knew they couldn’t beat the Americans in the arms race – who could? Look at the Cuban missile job. So, the Russians thought they’d win in the space race. First man to the moon, eh? Now, that’s what you call a proper cock measuring exercise! So there they are in Moscow getting everything sorted – but the Yanks are a fair bit ahead. They just need a pen to write in zero gravity. $1.5m plus a good few man hours later, they find a solution. Phew – how could they ever go to the moon without one? In the meantime, the Russians decided they’d use a pencil! The Yanks still won – but a good story nevertheless. Ta to Lindsey for that one.


What else to mention…..I hear the earth was knocked a fraction of a degree off its axis after the Japanese earthquake and that day was a fraction shorter. Now that was an earthquake, wasn’t it?


Oh…and fresh news off the press is that Richard Spanksville has managed to turn his life around. Rather than his usual life of crime, he’s swapped drug dealing and pimping to become a professional rower and can be seen down at Blaydon rowing club most mornings. Margo du Pape’s life is now a much happier one now because of it. It’s all down to the arrival of Sophia – so we all have a lot to thank her for. Don’t worry – it’ll all become clear once Cooper Edgar can reveal his true identity and the world will know the truth. Yes – I could do with a touch more sleep.


Now then – a competition! I’ve been digging deep and the winner to this one will get a cup of tea in the team truck at a meeting of your choice –  with accompanying Bourbon…as well as a few Red Torpedo bits and pieces and whatever else I can find. But Steph says you can’t lick her toes!


The question? What’s the most interesting fact you’ve ever heard?