Replica helmet

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December 21st, 2008

Wayne ‘Paddy’ Paddison, who has been spraying Guy’s lids for the 2008 season, painted this Arai for big Guy fan, Derry. Cool, eh?

Paddy says ‘I’m really happy with it considering I’m only a bricklayer and only do it as a hobby, but each one just seems better than the last one. The main problem I had with this one is that it was for a paying customer so I made extra sure everything was right. A week or 2 in Guy’s posession and they look like they have been booted off a cliff!’

23 Responses to “Replica helmet”

  1. Mince says:

    That is such a top looking lid will he paint them for anyone?!
    You should put them into production! I’d put my name down for one!

  2. derry says:

    MINT! lovin your work dude and cheers guy for scrawling all over it! cant wait to pick it up wayne will call you next few days and have a natter about it.

  3. derry says:

    OH and a big thanks to gary for putting me in touch with wayne in the first place!

  4. Richie Cook says:

    Nice lid guy feel free to send me one, or i can even collect i dont mind!

  5. Neil Winn says:

    I’d buy one if they were put into production

  6. tracy says:

    how much does he charge to paint a lid?i want one

  7. mucky-al says:

    i reckon paddy’s got a “get outta jail free” card seein as the building trade is at a standstill ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. Kjell Oddvin Solhaug says:

    I will buy one as well! Good looking helmet:)

  9. zak watson says:

    Ive been lookin for ages to find a guy martin replica helmet…… i dont know why but i thought guy would have got them from arai specially made!!! stupid me…. lol

    top helmet looks the dogs….

  10. Big Kev says:

    Happy Xmass my old boy, you know who I am drive the big 4 by 4 with special paint job and lights ?? met you at the NEC when you showed me your knew magnetic tool !!!!!!!.

    good luck


  11. sarah says:

    Hi Guy
    Just wishing you a Happy xmas and a happy new year!
    Love Sarah xx

  12. Dave short says:

    Ive also been looking for ages to buy a guy martin replica looked every where…… It looks the dogs go big or go home………

  13. julie says:

    hi guy hope you are well my friend sarah has been in touch with you about the skydive im organizing for the dave jefferies fund we are so pleased that you would like to join us it will be great fun look forward to hearing from you take care juliexx

  14. tintinovici says:

    Happy Christmas, Guy!… go big again next year!!!!…
    …and…can anyone put me in contact with wayne paddison?…couldn’t find him on the internet & I’d like a GM replica too!…thanks…

  15. i have a few replica bags and thay came to me in a perfect condition,highly recommended. :)

  16. CARLY HALL says:

    I really want one of the GM replica helmets or mine painted ….

    Can the public buy these, or have they all gone :(

  17. derry says:

    hi wayne still has some for sale :)

  18. Dave says:

    I would love to buy a replica of one of these helmets! I see there was a limited run of 50. I wonder if there will be anymore?

  19. jambo says:

    Hello I was wondering if wanye is going to do anymore gm rep paintjobs? They look the buisness! Also if wanye is going to how do you go about getting in touch with him to place a order? If anybody can help it would be most appreciated ta very much jambo

  20. Julian says:

    I want one!!!
    I have been looking for so log and begging people to paint one up for me… Any chance?????/

  21. Arran says:

    Check out this websire if you want one doing, proper top bloke! has done a few F1 replicas for me

  22. Jenny Smallwood says:

    I really really want one of these helmets for my husbands 30th is there anyone out there that can help me?? We are both massive fans of Guy!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ xxx

  23. Carlie Watson says:

    Hi im looking for this helmet for my husband. we are super guy martin fans, he is the bees knees.
    Please please help me get this to ease the pain of his bike being poorly baddy sick in the garage AND ON FATHERS DAY TO BOOOO

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