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How’s it all going? Had a change of scenery this weekend. Started with a open day at Hein Gericke in Luton. It was cool to meet a good few folks from the PB forum. All us bike folks seem to be on the same sort of wave length. I met a top bloke called Mike Davies. I’m sure he must have been a stand-up comedian in his past life, reminded me of Fred Dibnah, legend. So a big thanks to Tim and all at Hein Gericke for looking after me. We finished Sat night off with a mint night out in Leeds. The lovely Annie from Hein Gericke took me out and showed me the odd pub and curry houses, bit of a sore head come Sunday morn though. Which wasn’t really needed as I was in a tractor most of the day helping the farm out with harvest, until we got rained off, bugger. Anyway here’s some pics, cheers.
Also, we are getting hundreds of spam comments. I don’t know why or who, but when we’re deleting them we think we’ve deleted the odd proper one. Sorry. We’ll be more careful, but it is a pain getting 200 spams in two days.