Oulton round-up

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Well, just back at work after racing yesterday. I’m thinking I’ve made more head way in the first five minutes at work than I’d done all weekend racing my bike. We persevered with the new forks when I should’ve gone back to the ones that felt so good at Thruxton.
But not all bad news, I met a bit of a hero of mine at Oulton – David Knight. He’s the enduro racer from the Isle of Man. And that man is a legend. Us road racing boys are only playing at it compared to what he does. Next week he’s got the Erzberg (punishing enduro, 1300 start only 30 or so finish. He’s won it twice). So I’ll be looking forward to see how he gets on. Oh, and Steve Peat, another hero of mine finished second in the season warm up in val di sol in italy. That’s downhill mountain bike for anyone that’s not switched on