Meeting Rossi

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Photo: Dave Dew

It’s Sunday night after the British GP and I’m sat here looking at my computer through another glass of red wine (cheers Mr Harris). I didn’t get to the GP today. I did a bit of work this morning, then went to watch my mate Lee (ex-Hydrex spannerman) doing a bit of supermoto at Blyton airfield. I was tea boy for the day, so it was good to be on the other side of the fence. He’s got my name penciled in for a run on his Husaberg after Christmas. It’ll be interesting. Me and off-road usually end up in an air ambulance, but there’ll be no harm in giving it a whirl, eh?

Anyway, it sounds like you want to know about my visit to Donington… I was there for Saturday qualifying and it was proper. I  mean proper! I’ve not been to  a GP before so to get a look around the Dainese support truck and then to meet Rossi was something you couldn’t make up. I mean this was Valentino Rossi, a legend in anyone’s tea break.

I only got chance to talk for him for five mins but I tried to get him to next year’s TT, and found out he’d just been to watch the band “Rage against the Machine” only last week in Milan, a band I’m massively into.

I also met one of the fellas from the VR46 supporters’ club. This is one of the chaps who organise all of Rossi’s mad, post-race celebrations. He was wearing a NW200 coat and is well into his road racing. How cool is that? Anyway he gave me a supporters’ club badge, so it’s going on the bike for the next meeting. It’s got to bring some good luck hasn’t it?