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I’m we’ll impressed with the comments on the last post. Hopefully I’ll have fire-breathing as well as tight rope walking sussed in the by the end of the week, I’ll keep you informed. It’ll be an education I’m sure. Oh, I’m more impressd that someone knew that I was holding an exhaust manifold of a Rolls Royce Merlin. Someone out there is as sad as me and me dad, well impressed.


Right, last weekend saw me, Adam and Dan go over to the Isle of Man End-to-End moutain bike race. It was proper hard, made a six-lap TT look like a nice day out. It was a bit of a rush job. I worked Saturday morn, went over Sat night, had a few shandys, raced Sunday, got home at 2am Monday then back to work 6. But it was worth it. Good laugh had by all, oh and ta very much to Nige and Marian for putting the three of us up, much apprecaited. So I’m well ready for a bit of racing this weekend. All I’ve been doing since my last race is drive tractors, mend trucks, ride push bikes and the odd bit of sleep, so I’m well ready for it. I’m not sure what bike ill be riding, mine has been sold, so ill take me push bike just in case. Oh one of these pics is a limited print that Duke are doing, what do you reckon?