Guy’s post-Christmas catch-up

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I hope you’ve all got through christmas in one peice. It’s been a weird one, you know, with the 25th being in the middle of the week. It’ll nearly make the whole Chrimbo break two weeks long by the time it’s over. Some of the folk out our way aren’t going back to work till the 6th of Jan. Good work if you can get it eh?
I’m not complaining though. I never run short of things to do over here. If I’ve not got any barrow jobs on, which is rare, we’re always busy down the truck yard. With all of the haualge side of things coming to a stand still over christmas, usually means that gives us a good chance to get caught up with some arkward jobs. So in between truck fitting and barrow jobbing on engines I’ve been riding a fair bit on the push bike. Me and my mate Dan have been up to the Peaks in Derbyshire to ride the trails. It’s been mint really. We’ve been up there today and was out on Boxing Day. I tell Shaun Muir it’s all about me keeping fit, but is it eck. I just love riding my bikes. The fitness side of it comes second. Ok, it helps me on the motorbike front, but I just love hanging it out on my push bike. I’ve lost a bit of skin and gained a few bruises in the past few months but I couldnt give a damn, I love it. In fact, next Sunday, me and Mave are off to the south of Wales to ride at an uplift day at the Cawmcarn  downhill course. We haven’t ridden there before, but it’s meant to be hardcore, so I’m sure I’ll be missing a bit of bark come Monday. ill keep you informed.
Other than that, Christmas here has gone well. Plenty of Thorntons, and a new speaker set for my iPod has kept me entertained. I’m going through a Rage Against The Machine phase again, so it’s getting me the right frame of mind for the forthcoming season. Let’s have it, eh?  Jewel won, I’ll get it sent off tomorrow, sorry. I’ll also get a question concocted to win these boots in the very near future.