Dirty hands, clean engines

Web MonkeyLife

Sorry for the lack of posts. I’ve been a busy boy in the past week or two.
I’ve decided not to put the radio on in my van anymore. I reckon if you were that way inclined you’d have slit your wrists by now with all this doom and gloom going on. So I’m sticking with my iPod. It’s keeping me sane. Credit crunch… I reckon if the banks had to run a real business they’d have gone bust by tea break.
Anyway enough of that tripe. We’ve been as busy as ever down our yard, hence the state of my hands. A bit of a credit crunch down here wouldn’t go amiss.
I was at the Irish Racer awards do on Friday night. I was there with Bill and Jane from Red Torpedo. It was a mint night but I had to leave early to get some kip. I’d been at work early Friday morn then had to be up at four ‘o’ clock on Saturday morning to get a flight back to England so I could get to the Spalding Motorcycle Show. It was a good show as well and a good turn out, so ta very much for everyone who popped past for a yarn.
Besides that I ad a quiet, stress-free weekend, mainly due to my quick exit from the Irish Racer do, I’d left both my phones at the hotel, so a bit of peace and quiet. Folk used to manage without mobile phones 20 years ago, so I might give em a miss full time. If some one really needs to get hold of me, they’ll find some way, smoke signals or whatever.
Oh here’s a pic of a 1958 BSA C15 engine I’ve been doing in my tea breaks. She’s come up alright, hasn’t she?