Cadwell preview

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Here we are, Thursday night before Cadwell BSB, this bank holiday weekend. I’m looking forward to what is my home race. A few mates are coming up for a look, I can bring my old Saab for a run out, (I wouldn’t quite trust it Knockhill) and I get to go home at the end of everyday. I’m not much of a home bod because I haven’t really got one, but its always nice to get into a familiar bed.
A couple of top tens shouldn’t be asking for the world, so let’s hope the old girl hangs together and I get my finger out, we should be on it.
Me and Mave have got a big job on tomorrow night though. We’ve found a tricky double jump in our local wood and it’s been plaging us for a couple of days. Neither of us have conqured it so it’ll be go big or go home tomorrow night, fingers crossed. It might get nasty. 
We’re a man down at work. My brother has gone off on his jollies for a year, so it’ll be all hands on deck down the wagon yard. I wish him and his girl friend all the best, but after she kicked him out on there leaving do night it didn’t start too good. Hopefully the old boy will stick it out and set the world alight. I don’t think the world is ready for him. If he doesn’t get too under the thumb that is. Lock up your daughters!