After Monday’s first race

Web Monkeyracing

Photo: Andy Graves

I struggled with the gears on the Superstocker in this morning’s race. I think it was me not being man enough after riding with the quickshifter on the superbike. It came good for the second half of the four-lapper though. It was jumping out of gear early on though. Me and McGuinness had similar problems and we were both leaving big black lines when the tyre locked.

I was sixth on the first lap. What was that all about?

But it’s going the right way. My mechanic Andy found a lucky penny this morning so we taped it to the airbox of the Fireblade this morning. I’m hoping they’ll put it on the CBR600RR for this afternoon. We’ve all become very superstitious.

(This photo is by my good mate Andy Graves from Saturday’s race. We’ve been having trouble with the tinterweb and haven’t been able to get photos up. More to come).