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Hi Guy


My 3 are as follows:


Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age (as I play guitar myself I’d like to get some tips and an insight in to his thought process as he does some fairly diverse stuff with all his side projects and what not…)


Uma Thurman (basically I’d ask her out for a curry and a drink or 2 after we’d got off the bus…!!!)


Steven Wright the American Comedian (I figure I’d need cheering up after Uma told me where to go…)


Good luck with the coming season. Will be at Olivers Mount again this year and guessing that you’ll be leaving all in your tyre smoke as usual…


Well Mark, you’re the man. Right up my street. Queens of the Stone Age are one of favorite bands. I’d like to have a word with Josh Homme and get an idea of what makes him tick and if they are they ever going to go back in the direction of the “Songs for the Deaf” – one of the best albums known to man.


Hmmmm, Uma Thurman, now we’re talking. She is the girl. I’d like to find out what her and Quentin Tarantino have got going on. She’s played a leading character in three out of his six movies, so for a man of his calibre to use her, she has got to be something special. Oh and she can show me her dance moves from the Jack Rabbit Slim’s scene in Pulp Fiction.


Now, Stephen Wright the comedian, im not sure who he is, but Steve Wright the Radio 2 presenter… I’m sure we’d get on treat. I’ve got 101 questions for him. Who’s idea was Ask Elvis? How old is the old woman? What got you into radio work? he comes across as a sound old boy.


So boss, if you can send me a message I’ll give you a bell if you’ve got time to spare on Friday. The kettle will be on. Cheers Guy