Update from Guy ~ June 10th

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Sorry about the lack of blogs as always, we’ve had a right load of water under the bridge since the last one. I only managed to get my first look at a computer while over at the TT and saw how popular this website and the Facebook thing is. 117,000 people. You wouldn’t get them in a phone box would you. Has there been a record for that?


So there wasn’t much mentioned about motorbikes in the last blog. It was all trucks and work stuff. I suppose that’s all I’ve known for the last few months seeing as I’ve been living in the lorry yard. It’s been no bother though, it’s been good for the overtime rate. But since then we’ve had a bit of racing at the Cookstown, which went ok. Good racing, loads of folk there racing, good craic. From there to the North West which was a bit of a shitter, but every cloud has a silver lining as where I crashed I slid right into my mate Lindsay who I haven’t seen in a while. I was told I was getting an ear bending on this Internet job for not riding the rest of the day, but you try riding a motorbike after sliding head first into a wall at 100odd miles an hour. I was just looking at the big picture as the TT was coming up a week or two after. I was only back for five days before I was over to the TT , and seeings as I was on my arse at the north west I thought I’d be better getting out for a bit of ridding on John sims classic at the pre TT. She was looking trick, in men only colours ,the race did’nt quite go to plan but I blew a few cob webs away and got free’d off for the TT. Was men only a 70’s porn mag?


From there to the TT then. Not a lot to mention though, i know was getting a right ear bending though for not doing enough signing stuff and all that ,but what am there to do? I’m not a rude person but there is only so Much i can do. Sorry if I pissed anyone off, but it is a fairly tense two weeks of your life . I could whine on about not doing any good at this years TT but I wont, I did meet Jean-Michel Bayle though. My misses and my dad both let me down by not knowing who he is and what he has done. To me ,he is the greatest motor bike racer who has ever lived . Feel ashamed if you don’t know who he is. I was proper lost for words, proper.


Ta very much to everyone who I met over there , and at for all the support, I know I’m a knob sometimes but the TT is a big job. Oh and to the whole TAS team for the effort, even hector and his 1/2 a yard of foreskin never let pressure get to him.


Right the next plan is for the good wood festival of speed , then the best race of the year as allways at the southern 100, armoy , then I’ll see what comes after that. I’ve got a road trip planned for Sweden in the next week or two for a right trick piece of kit., I’ll get the pics put on this web site job when I get her back, trick as………….]