Ulster GP Update

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Now then folks, how’s it all going out your way? Getting held up with tractors every way you turn I bet? Anyway, ta very much for the info on the onion front. It’s cleared it up a bit, but there are a few different ones to choose from so I’m not sure what to do on the sticker front. Let me have a think.


I reckon could get a load done for the Scarborough gold cup on the 19th of September and give em away. Leave it with me, how many should i get done? Oh, while your at it would any one know why your John Thomas is called John Thomas? It’s just he was asking the other day and I didn’t have a good enough answer for the little fella.


Anyway, back to the norm. Got back from the Ulster GP on Sunday night. A good week had by all, I reckon. Shaun the sheep took his camper over and let us work out of his awning, so ta very much to him and his mate Steve for keeping an eye on us. It was just me and Danny the mechanic working on the bikes for all of practice, so I was a bit stuck for time when it came to yarn to folk, so sorry about that. I’m sure most folk understand that firstly I’m there to race bikes. Cammy was over on Friday so it lightened the load a bit. We had a right laugh between the lot of us, proper team bonding, not in that way. God made Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve and all that, but we had a few shandys and a bit of banter, mostly at Danny’s expense, so can’t grumble. Right I’ll get some work done. Next big outing is the Manx GP for John Simms on his classic, then the end-to-end pushbike race in the Isle of Man, best get in training.