Ulster, Big Rich, free tea and pink pedals

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Not much I can say about the Ulster GP other than wet ,wet,wet. I’ve never seen as much water in my life. It wasn’t just the track that was drowned, the whole of bloody Belfast was nearly under water.
Oh well, it wasn’t a wasted week. Thanks to my website Big Rich and Darren got hold of me to see if I wanted to go for a rip on the pushbikes while I was over for the race. So on Friday afternoon we went out for a good run down Cave Hill in belfast. It was mint, so thanks very much for showing me the trails. That was about the only riding I got in. I even got a trip to Chain Reaction Cycles to get some new trick pedals for my pushbike. You’ll not miss these – machined from billet, massive spikes and bright pink. proper cool.
Ta very much for all the support I got as well. Not just for all the people that wanting stuff signing, but to all the folks that brought me tea bags, scones and weaten bread. Oh, and the chap that brought me tea and wine at Knockhill. It was all much appreciated, thanks very much.
Anyway, here’s some pics from mine and Mave’s Fort Bill downhill trip. I’ll get some more up from the ride out in Ireland when I  get em.