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What to mention then?


They always say bad winter good summer don’t they? Well they aren’t wrong are they? There is no winning with the English, though and I’m realising I’m not designed for the heat.


I reckon it must be over a month since I wrote something, sorry. After a bit of an accident at this years TT, it meant a week of not a lot besides film watching, turbo training on a pushbike, and making a plan of attack of stuff to do.


Ta very much to Katey for getting me this League of Gentlemen film, a quality piecethat I would put up there with Jackie Brown, Dumb and dumber and maybe even Pulp Fiction.


After a week off work and not being able to race for a few days, it got me thinking of another way to get a buzz. What do you reckon to this Martek turbo I got hold of the other week? If you want scaring this is the tool. It’s based on a 91 GSX-R1100, fitted with fuel injection, Martek frame and swing arm, suspension and brakes money can’t buy, and a turbo. It makes 320bhp and does wheelies off the throttle in top gear. She is proper, just on with getting her painted so I’ll get some better pics up when she’s 100% finished.  Oh, and my mate Yim has got me a nitrous system to put on her, so my goal now is 500 bhp. I’l keep you informed. It’ll end it tears I’m sure.


I wasn’t allowed to race at my favorite meeting of the year, the Southern 100 in the Isle of Man, but thanks to George I still got across for a look. I met up with a load of the Southern Free Riders and had a shandy or two while watching from Stadium Corner. They’re a sound set of lads, but I reckon they’ve got a load of work to do with me on the drinking front. I’m not designed for that either.
I know there isn;t a lot to mention on the racing front.Getting someone to pass me fit has been a bit of a job. While over in the Isle of Man I went to see Isla Scott, the island’s top physiotherapist. She had a good look over the job and after a bit of a wrestling match, she recons I’m now fit enough to get back on a motor bike. Phew, I’m sure racing will be a bit safer than trying to get 500bhp out of my new bike anyway. It’s looking like Brands Hatch BSB will be my next run out, just before the Ulster GP. Job will be right.


Thanks for all the support I got after the crash. It meant a lot to me.