TT second 600 race

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Photo by Gavan Caldwell

Well, well… Just sat here after the second 600 race and all I can say is I’m well disappointed. But it’s the IoM and I always enjoy riding round here, but in sixth place? It’s just not good enough, is it? I just couldn’t have rode the old girl any harder. She just didn’t have the legs, and this was just made worse by the strong winds. I know how to ride a 600, I held the lap record till earlier today, but we just didn’t have the legs. Bugger.

Oh well, I’m just saving it all for the big race on Friday. I need Lady Luck on my side.

We testing the Superbike last night over the mountain. I got pulled up by the coppers and had to talk my way out of that one. I got back and it all looks hunky dory.

I’m just off out for a quick lap tonight on the Fireblade to bed  clutch and chain in. I’ve got Thursday off , but I’m spannering for Mick Shanley (Hydrex Bike Animal Honda boss mechanic) in the Onchan Robin Reliant race. I might go for a hair cut tomorrow as well. What do you reckon?