TT 2009 plans

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Now then folks, I reckon I’ve more or less got my TT team lined up. There has been a lot of time gone into this, because this is what’s going to be the key to sucess at the TT next year. I’ll let you know who Ive got sorted out, to help on the spannering and preparation, in a week or two, but it’s nearly sorted.

So, my 09 team mate is going to Karl Harris. This is going to be an education. That lad’s a bit of a expert when it comes to the red wine, so i reckon he’ll be getting me trained on wine front next year, and he’s going to start coming out on his push bike with us out our way. A good trade off, I reckon!

Off to the NEC bike show again Next saturday for the TT day. It’ll be a busy un. I need to get the TT organisers primed up about one of them watches. While there I’ll get another good look at the Carole Nash and custom bikes stand. I’m well into bikes with a where a bit of imagination has gone into them. There wasn’t owt really on the Japanese stands that really got me going. Am I getting old?   

Oh, and Wayne asked about 2009 colours, they won’t be exactly the same but a paintjob for the bikes won’t be definite for a long time yet. I’ll post colours as soon as I can.