Tightrope walking and stickers

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Not much to mention, but harvest is getting there and the truck job is same as usual, all go, no go. The Manx GP was an education. The organisation was spot on, it was let down a bit by the shit weather. Yon man upstairs hasn’t been playing the white man, that’s a local saying but you get the jist? So ta very much to Phil Taubman the clerk of the course and to John Sims for putting loads of effort in. I’m just guttted about not winning. Oh well, I’ll give it a whirl next year and just hope the weather’s a bit kinder.


Right back to more pressing matters. I was up in the grain store the other day walking on top of an RSJ section. It was a fair way up and it just got me thinking that I wouldn’t mind giving tight rope walking a whirl. I got a right buzz of walking on an RSJ section, so a tight rope I reckon would deffinetely flick me switch. Where would i go to get started, or do i build my own? It can’t be that hard, can it?


Oh, and Paddy the helmet painter and brickie has got me a load of skull and spanners stickers to give away at Scarborough. They are a mega job, but they weren’t cheap, so that got me thinking that i can’tt just give em away, people are going to have to earn em, but by doing what? I don’t know… tight rope lessons? Swap for tea bags, Lancaster bomber spare parts? I really dont know. What I do know is they look cool as. I even put some in the back of me new car, She looks a treat. we aren’t here for a long time we’re here for a good time, and all that.