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Photos: Andy Graves

Afternoon all. Just sat in the tea room at work watching some stuff you’d be better off not knowing about. Our transport manager is into some rare e-mails, not for this website me thinks. Maybe i should get em to put up a censored section. I don’t want to be getting the blame for corrupting young minds, though.

Not much happening, busy at work, between barrow jobbing, working at my usual job and keeping up with my grass mowing numbers, I’ve not got a lot time for much else. I could do with a 40 hour day. It would give me a fair chance of getting caught up. I’m not complaining though, it’s keeping me out of mischief.

I was out at Cadwell on Wednesday testing the Fireblade. It was good to get out on a bike and get some of the things sorted that you don’t really get chance to do at a busy BSB round – stuff like seat padding and experimenting with clutch feel, but we were still struggling a bit with the way the motor was running. We still haven’t got to the bottom of the misfire problem, wether having run with a flat battery has damaged something to do with the engine ECU, the lads aren’t sure. These problems start playing with my your mind after a while, but I’m sure the lads and lasses at the team will get her sorted for Mallory. 

I’m hopefully off to Donington to meet Rossi with the folks from Dainese on Sunday. Proper legend that man. That’s if i get done at work, finger’s crossed.

Anyway I best get back to putting some pins and bushes in this Scania before I get sacked.

Oh, and ta very much to the lass that brought me a Kit Kat to Cadwell. I’ll make you a brew I’m not so busy.