The calm before the storm

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Well, it feels like a life time away since the NW200, but it was only last week.  We’ve been busy at work and busy getting stuff ready for the TT. The Northwest wasn’t much to shout about for anyone really. The weather let us down a bit and then there was all that hanging about before the races. What was all that about? I mean what are we there to do, race motorbikes or make a TV programme? 


The whole day seems to be dictated by the TV schedule, and keeping the big team bosses happy. I’m not a sore loser or owt but I don’t understand why races that got shortened by the changable weather get taken back differrnt amounts of laps. Farquhar should have won the Superstock race because he put his balls on the line in the dodgy weather, but no, they went back two laps so the results suited the big team. Then the Superbike race went back one lap. Why? I don’t know. The whole day’s goings on just confirmed that the TT is still the pinnacle of road racing, whatever anyone says.


Anyway, enough of me whingeing. I’m not into that. If you haven’t got owt nice to say dont say anything at all. I was brought up with that saying. Back in Lincolnshire I’ve been busy getting my Superbike ready for the TT and Johnny has been getting the Superstock bike ready. I reckon we’ve used our fair share of lock wire on just about everything, so we’ll not get owt dopping off or breaking down this year. Let’s hope not anyway. I’m off to the island in the middle of this week to get primed up for action. Oh and I’m doing something for the owners of the Douglas Ann Summers shop on Monday. I’m sure that will be an education. Rampant rabbit means something a bit different where I’m from.