Sunday 18th April – Update

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Now then, a fair bit’s been going on since my last post. The Tour of Flanders bicycle race was proper tough. That is a man’s sport I’ll tell you. I even got the hang of peeing myself while riding. That’s commitment for you, eh? Then we went to the first round of the Chain Reaction Cycle’s marathon night and day race, and that proper hard as well. I’m starting to enjoy a bit of pain now. This is all in preparation for a race in Austria at the end of July. It’s meant to be the toughest in Europe so, perfect preperation prevents piss poor performance.


Right, on the motorised two wheel front, it’s all going to plan, what do you reckon to the new colours? Proper retro. I reckon I’d have fitted in a bit better in the 60s with boys such as Bill Ivy and Mike Hailwood, but that’s not going to happen is it? So I thought trying to look like em might help. Less is more I’d say. Doing thruxton this weekend so I’ll let you know how it all goes, itching to get a ride out, I’m getting tired of pedals.