Snetterton through a 1995 red wine filter

Web Monkeyracing


Photo: Andy Graves

Evening all, just sat here looking at my computer through a bottle of 1995 red wine, kindly donated by my mate Stuart Crane. She’s going down a treat. My wine habit is all down to my old team mate Karl Harris. He used to get me drunk after most meetings last year, but its seems to have taken hold. Oh well there could be worse things to be adicted to: Marmite, horse radish or expensive hookers. 

Bugger, I’m meant to be typing about Snetterton. Well, there isn’t much to say, two DNF’s, doesnt sound to clever does it ? It isn’t. We’re still trying to get the same problem sorted that we had at the TT – flat batteries. There is some thing adrift with the charging system. The lads and my sister Kate have been working their tits off trying to get the old girl sorted, but to no avail. So the only exercise we managed to achieve at Snetterton was to increase the size of our carbon foot print. I wouldn’t mind what size it was as long as we were doing some good, but it all been in aid of sod all. We’ll get there, eventually i hope.

We’re testing at Cadwell on Wednesday so hopefully they’ll get her sorted for then. Cheers for taking time to read. I’m off to bed, nearly pissed now and up for work at six. See what I mean? I’ve got a problem me thinks.