Shaun Palmer

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Sorry I’ve been a bit slack on the blog front. There’s been nowt much to write about. I was meant to be doing the Mid-Antrim last weekend but we had a few issues  which knackered the job up a bit. Not my side of the team, we’re grand. Anyway, no doom and gloom around here. I’m getting ready for this weekend’s Armoy road race, then from there to the Ulster Grand Prix. I’m really looking forward to it. A repeat of 06 wouldnt go amiss. Fingers crossed for the weather, eh?


The harvest is getting going a treat now the weather has made its mind up so hopefully that’ll give me with a few hours work in between me other jobs.


Anyway, in my last post I mentioned the snowboarder turned downhill mountain biker, Shaun Palmer. Well, check out this interview. I’ve watched it to death, his respect for the legendary Nicolas voulioz, baggy clothes, his love of motocross and snowboarding, proper. What does it for me is the way he hasn’t got a plan for the future. A bit like me, take it all as it comes.