Scarborough Report (and a new (old) stationary engine)

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Allreet folks? What’s the latest out your way? A bit to report around here. Just in the Isle of Man at the mo, doing the TT press launch. Not really my scene, but the TT is where I go and enjoy my summers racing the most, so it’s a small price to pay. Another day off work I know, but we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time. I learnt that saying off Dwyer Agnew, the legendary Irish road racer, good eh?


Well, we had a busy week at work last week, made even busier by me and my dad getting stuck into building my superbike after work. We built the bike as if it was going to the TT, big tank, small rad, loads of lock wire and the usual stuff. We used Scarborough as a bit of sort of bedding in job. We learnt a lot, some good, some bad, but it’s left a lot of food of thought. Like our big 24 litre tank, work of art it may be, it’s just too big to be able to muscle the bike. So it’s back to the drawing board to try and sort out another way of storing the fuel. New type of forks aren’t really floating my boat, but this isn’t really helped by the big tank, the fuel inside acts like a big bow wave when braking so doesn’t help the front tyre when braking. That’s probably why I ended up in a hedge bottom at Scarborough. Oh well, if you’re not crashing your not trying, eh?


We won the last race though, so that meant we had a celebratory McDonald’s on the way home for me, Johnny and the farmer’s daughter. Usually I’d rather eat my own todger than a McDonald’s, but there is a time and a place isn’t there?


Here’s some pics. Back of the van racing is the future. New stationary engine, well new to me, reckon it’s about a 1940’s BSA. Birmingham Small Arms, or as my aunty says, Bloody Sore Arse, or Bits Stuck Anywhere.


Race photos by Andy Graves