Proper Southern 100 Update

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Now then all, hows the job looking?


Just sat in a tea hut in Northern Ireland getting brewed up before we set off down to Kells road race for this weekend. Got on the ferry at half-five this morn after the Southern 100 in the Isle of Man. I reckon we got ten tea vouchers at the start of the week when I signed on, but they didn’t even last Monday night. Oh well, it’s still rated as my favorite meeting of the year, Even better now we won the big race yesterday. So a week of  two seconds and a first. I suppose I can’t complain. A few shandies last night to celebrate went down a treat.


A big thanks to Danny, the farmer’s daughter and Glen for the help all week. We had mint week. Well apart from my 600 chucking itself to bits twice. Me and Danny have lost count of how many times it has self-destructed now, but a big thanks to the crowd at the Black Hole is needed. They put out the blaze on the little girl using there Coke, Lucozade and p… Er, other liquid they could get their hands on. If it wasn’t for them it would have been more terminal than it is now. A big thanks as well to Isla Scott in the Isle of Man for sorting my toe out after a few mishaps while I was in France. And thanks to the Treads shop in the Isle of Man who have sponsored Danny, the farmer’s daughter  and me with Vans trainers, cool as you like. I’ll still be back to work Monday, dont worry.


Oh ,and also ta very much to Suzy, Fred Dibnah’s widow who took me and the team for a look around Milntown house, where they had loads of mint early 1900s cars, bikes and stationary engines. Proper.