Plans, Tractors and the Lords of Dogtown

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Sorry that I’ve been as slack as ever on the entry front.


I’ve got a plan for racing now, seeings as I didn’t get an entry for Portugal I’ve had a good think for a plan of attack.


Easter weekend is the Tour of Flanders on the pushbike, the weekend after is a mountain bike race in Wales, then Thruxton British Championship, where I’m doing Superstock on the Fireblade and Supersport on the CBR600. The weekend after that is Cookstown if i can get hold of the right man to get an entry. Then it’s Oulton Park, same again: Supersport and Superstock, then another mountain bike race, the NW200 after that, Cadwell Supersport after that, then it’s the TT. Phew… I’ll go into detail a bit more when I’ve got a spare minute.


Other business, ta very much to Tim for the loan of this Guy Gibson book, a mega read if you get a chance. While we’re getting cultural you should try see the DVD Lords of Dogtown. It’s one of Shorty’s recommendations. It’s based on the documentary of Dog town and the Z-boys. It’s a mega film and a good reason not to wear a watch. Oh, and there was a classic tractor run round our way. Now that’s a bit of me. I was just a spectator but that’s a job for the future I reckon. 70-odd tractors turned up, so a good old show.


Watch that film if you get chance, gives an idea into what can happen when you get away from the original plan. More tea vicar?


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