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Photo: Martin Heath
Well another educational day. But it all pales into insignificance when I’ve heard of the death of my good mate Martin Finnegen at the Tangradee road race. ‘Bugger’ is my first thought. John McGuinness came to tell me, but I’ve learnt to grin and bear it in this job. It’s a man’s sport for men and shit happens. If it was easy everyone would be at it. We all know the risks and so did Martin. It’s just Martin paid the ultimate price for the most rewarding sport in the world. You can come out with as many one liners as you like but it’s not softening the blow. All i can say is my deepest condolences to his wife Brenda and his daughter Rachel.
It’s just left to me to get this bike sorted and go and do some good and more importantly get some wins at the very nearing TT. We’ve gone back to the new forks after a fairly successful Thruxton on the old forks, but I’m sat here after first practice thinking why?  Why change what isn’t broke a great man once said, greater than me because I gave in when the lads said the new fork was sorted, well it’s not. Balls.