Oulton report

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Photo: Andy Graves

Afternoon folks. Sorry it’s not good news again. Oulton didn’t go down to well. You could say it went down like a cup of cold sick. Yet again we had another crap weekend. When the old girl broke down again in the first race I was adding it up in my head how many breakdowns I’ve had this year, and it’s not looking too clever. I’ve had 17 starts and 10 breakdowns. Not too good, eh?

I’m not blaming the team, all the lads are mega, but the hard facts are 10 DNFs. It looks bad for the team,  bad for Honda and even worse for me.

I was driving home from Oulton last night thinking what the hell have i got to do? Take up polo, carpet bowls or pigeon racing? I switched my phone off and went back to work, just to try and forget about what I could probably say is my worst season ever.

Oh well, worse things happen at sea. We’ve got a couple of weeks off now so I can get my head sorted and see what the future holds for the rest of the season. Hmm. I’ll let you know when I’ve got a plan sorted.