Oulton report, at last…

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Sorry for being a bit slack on the blog front, it’s just since getting back from Oulton I’ve been a busy bee. Oulton went ok by the way . Yes, another DNF, but I took a gamble on the tyre front and went for full dry rubber when there was just a bit of drizzle. I thought ‘nowt to worry about here. It’ll hold off.’ Well it did until about 4 laps in. I got up to sixth and was making hay. The sun wasn’t shining, but I was still having a go. Then it started to drizzle a bit and it was carnage. I’m not a wimp or owt but the NW200 is next week and we could really do with a bike in one piece.


We have got some new K-TEC forks in, and they are cock on, that’ll leave us in good form for the roads.


Back at home we’ve been busy at work on the trucks, then been doing a bit of testing for Performance Bikes at Cadwell, then a bit of bike building ready for the NW200. Right best go and do a bit. Oh, and  I only own four pushbikes and one tool box now. I’ve just chopped two tool boxes in for a new SnapOn work station. It’s the size of a house, am I sad?


Race photo by Glynne Lewis