Snetterton through a 1995 red wine filter

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  Photo: Andy Graves Evening all, just sat here looking at my computer through a bottle of 1995 red wine, kindly donated by my mate Stuart Crane. She’s going down a treat. My wine habit is all down to my old team mate Karl Harris. He used to get me drunk after most meetings last year, but its seems to have taken …

Arai trip

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Photo: Gary Inman I visited Arai Europe in Holland for Performance Bikes this week. I’ve had a lot on my mind, so I told my girlfriend Kate to call me in the morning to remind me to take my passport. She rang me and I said I had it, but some ow I still got down to Stansted without felling …

Back on the shorts

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Some shots from Friday at Snetterton by my mate Andy Graves. Got to recalibrate my brain (after NW200 and the TT) to aim for a top ten finish in the championship.  

TT Update

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There is nothing left to say other than I’m truly pissed off, not a bit, but proper pissed off. We’ve had nothing but bad luck since I stepped on this place, I must have really pissed someone off in a past life. Between cranks snapping, engines blowing up and electronics going tits up, there is not a lot I can …

Cool competition in PB

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In this month’s Performance Bikes there’s chance to win a prize consisting…   Two passes for a BSB qualifying day with full hospitality from my Hydrex Bike Animal Honda team A pillion ride with me on the Red Torpedo Fireblade £100 of Red Torpedo clothing (the same stuff I’m hardly ever out of now) A brew (or ten) with me …

More RC45 photos

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All from my mate Andy Graves who was at the PB 90s Track evening at Cadwell the other week. Big thanks to the fellas who leant me their bikes (there were two Honda Britain RC45 y’see). Mega blokes. PB are having a full 90s trackday on Sept 16. £99. See the latest mag for details.

T-shirts going a treat

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The Red Torpedo stand behind the TT grandstand is doing great business. Thanks to everyone for supporting me. If you’re not at the Isle of Man you can get T-shirts mail order by clicking Merchandise on the top of this page. We’ve got kit for men, women and nippers. Nowt for pets. Yet.

TT second 600 race

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  Photo by Gavan Caldwell Well, well… Just sat here after the second 600 race and all I can say is I’m well disappointed. But it’s the IoM and I always enjoy riding round here, but in sixth place? It’s just not good enough, is it? I just couldn’t have rode the old girl any harder. She just didn’t have the legs, …

After Monday’s first race

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Photo: Andy Graves I struggled with the gears on the Superstocker in this morning’s race. I think it was me not being man enough after riding with the quickshifter on the superbike. It came good for the second half of the four-lapper though. It was jumping out of gear early on though. Me and McGuinness had similar problems and we …

TT update – Mad Sunday

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Up early this morning to meet the editor of Italian GQ magazine for a phtoshoot in Douglas. They found this lovely tea room I’ve never seen before – bone china cups, tea strainers, tea leaves (no bags), the lot. It was fantastic. It was like sitting in my grandma’s front room. Dainese are over here in a big way and …

TT Update – Saturday

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Sorry I haven’t been online for a while. It’s hectic here. Well, we’ve had the first race and it was a bit of a sickener. I was 10secs in the lead. Controlling the race and then the bike made a noise like a Dalek and stopped. Nothing more I can do about it. But, again, I’m looking at the positives. …

TT First Practice

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Mint is all i can say. It’s what riding motorbikes is all about. After racing around short circuits all season it is mega to get that first lap in of the TT. It’s like nothing else – all that speed is something that you’ll never be able to experience anywhere else. No pressure as well as the first night’s practice is …

RC45 at PB trackday

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Photo: I’m as sore as you like, but it doesn’t matter, because I’ve just got back from riding a proper ex-works RC45. This wasn’t a made up thing from a road bike but the proper race bike that Rutter and Simpson raced at the TT. It can’t have weighed anymore than 150kg (my 08 blade Superbike is 180kg). The RC45 …

Looking back at the NW

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Well, here I am Sunday afternoon after the North West and sore is not the word, but then I suppose you’d expect to be after hitting a kerb with my arse at a good 120mph. It’s not the end of the world though. We didn’t had the best NW200 but it could have been a damnsight worse. Look at the …

Meet Guy at Cadwell this week

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Guy will attend PB’s 90s track evening that is being held at Cadwell this Tuesday, May 20. Things get under way at 5pm. It’s free entry as far as we know.  

NW200 – Gutted

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Photo: Alan Armstrong Photography I’m gutted not to have won either of the Superbike races and a double was definitely within my grasp. In the first race the brakes began to fade at half race distance and I had now way of adjusting them. My dad had made a special bracket for the span adjuster, but because of the crash …

NW200 Second Practice

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Everyone has to be a newcomer sometime, but there are people out here 40s a lap slower than the fast guys and some of the newcomers are pulling wheelies and waving at the crowd. It’s not right. I’m up for a bit of danger, but this is too much.  As for my bikes, they’re all getting there. We could’ve done …

Women! Get your Guy T-shirts

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Red Torpedo have designed me some great merchandise including stuff for my lovely lady fans. Get them by clicking the Merchandise tab at the top. Ta.