New licence and twiglet hair

Web MonkeyLife

Just thought I’d do a quick post. I reckon I’ve got my winner for next week’s competition. The gears are still turning though, keep em coming if there’s owt left in you. I’ll let you know early next week.

Here’s my new British push bike license. Trick, eh? Besides the pic of course. I had a haircut last week so I look a bit more normal. Not too much though. Got my first British Championship downhill race sorted in Wales for the 20something of April. Bit near the TT but it’s all in-hand. On it like jam on toast.

Talking of haircuts, I can feel the difference. Did you know you lose about 75% of your body heat from your head. I didn’t used to but do now. You ought to have seen some of the shit that fell out of my hair when it was being cut. Donkeys, branches, twiglets and the usual.