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Allreet folks, still no word on me getting an entry for the World Supersport in Portugal, which is a bugger, because I was looking forward to that. Oh well, thanks to George I’ve not been short of riding, because I’ve been doing regular classic trials on his old Tiger Cub. I even managed a win a couple of weeks ago in clubman class. It was only thanks to the advice from old hands Garry, James and George though. Ta very much lads.


I had to have another day off yesterday, but it’s not every day you get to go to Paris to interview MotoGP rider George Lorenzo. What a boy, if you get next month’s PB mag you’ll learn a bit more. He was not quite what I was expecting. Very ,very professional, and another Tarantino fan. I wouldn’t have had him down as a Nirvana fan though. What do you reckon?


Now then, Volvo Amazon’s (like the one with the roof chop on this post). OK, it’s not a Transit, but will be more reliable than fancy English-built cars. Proper. See more mint Amazon’s at Red Torpedo’s own new blog.