Megavalanch & Goodwood

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Now then folks, how’s the job looking? I wouldn’t know much about work at the mo’, as I’m on my hols. And I’m ready for it.


I flew into Geneva on Monday, then drove to Alpe d’Huez to do a bit of riding. I’m here for the Megavalanch which is the TT of push biking. I had a mint days riding today, plenty of crashes and punctures, so mustn’t grumble.


Anyway I was going to tell all of you about Goodwood. I say ALL and it must be a lot of you, because the website chucked a rod out the other week due to all the people that go on it. They’ve altered the giggle pin or foo foo valve to cure it. I’m not sure on that sort of stuff, but whatever I’m well chuffed that loads of folk appreciate my random goings on. Cheers.


Oh yeah, Goodwood. It was mega, I’ve seen my new car, seen loads of posh folk, had tea with Sandra Bullock, Jesse James, Louise Redknapp and Jenson Button. It was so posh I even wore shoes.


Anyway, I’m out in France on my tod listening to Reef to keep me company. Whatever happend to them? The album Replenish is up there with The Stone Roses, Nirvana and The Seahorses, don’t you reckon?