Me and my gob

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I said I’d write a bit more when I get five mins,  well five minutes is what I’ve got – a bit more really, I’m back at my real job for a week or two. Had a bit of an accident on the filming job the other day, smashed me jaw up a good bit ended up with teeth under my nose. That’s put pay to the filming job for a bit. I’m sure the world will be a quieter place anyway. The TV job is proper interesting, but its good to get back to my proper job, my hands were getting a bit clean. Reckon my gob is going to take a bit of fixing and I’m going to have to get used to false teeth, oh well, a bit of character building is what I’m calling it.


The other pics are Aiden, Mark and me at the end of the coast to coast. I’m not looking too healthy eh? See more training is needed, and a few more pounds off. Oh, and a pic from the ulster grand prix in august that I said I’d put up ages ago.


A massive disappointment this weekend was not being able to race at Snetterton in the Caterham Cup. But still, a big thanks to Gary Hewit and Annabel at ELAS for sponsoring me over the past three years and for sorting me out the chance to have a my first proper car race. It’s still on my list of jobs to do, so hopefully next time I’ll not be smashing myself up and I’ll get cracking at the racing four wheel job.