March 15th Update

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Now then, plenty’s been going on – what with the Cartagena testing and all that. It’s all looking good. We did a serious amount of laps – mainly on the superbike and superstock machines. My supersport bike isn’t quite ready but I rode Alistair Seeley’s just to get an idea of what it’s like. They’re all as trick as you like and the team itself is spot on. They’re even on top form as far as the brew making goes – so what more could anyone ask for? And I’ve even got a new mug – what do you think?


Ta very much to photographer Simon Lee for sending me the trick as you like belt made from a mountain bike tyre! Now, I’m not into fashion in the slightest but belts like this are few and far between – so it has to be the coolest belt ever, what do you reckon? What else has been happening – err….I’ve also had some special bolts made for me mountain bike – proper, top quality bolts these.


I’ll post some details about a competition soon – so keep an eye on the blog …..oh – and I’ll also give you an update on lady Martec. Who knows, she’ll maybe even get to put in an appearance at Goodwood soon!