Mallory update

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Photo: Andy Graves

Evening all. Hows it all going?  Just sat here at the wonderful Mallory Park. I’d say I was motorbike racing but I don’t think you could really call it that. Mallory, when i rode here last, six years ago, was a track where you could race motorbikes. Now I’d call it a glorified car park, a 1.41 mile track with 3 chicanes in it. It’s more like trying to steer a 747 Jumbo through your local go kart track. 

Anyway, it’s bike racing and there is nowt like it. We had a steady run round on Friday and I’m fairly pleased to say the old girl never missed a beat. Hopefully we’ll get through qualifying without any hitches and get my self a good spot on the grid for the race.

I went out with Buckle last night (Carl Buckle, one of my Hydrex mechanics from last year). We went on the karaoke and did a bit of Bruce Springsteen Born in the USA. in my mind karaoke is only good when the singer is shit and in my case I was shit hot. I reckon we even managed a bit of Sweet Caroilne as well. Don’t know who sang that though but a good laugh was had by all.